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List of abbreviations


Abbreviation Meaning
3GIO Third Generation I/O (input/output)
AMDP Advanced Multimedia Display Processor
APD Avalanche Photodiode
APDP Anti-Parallel Diode Pair
ASSP Application Specific Standard Product
BBD Bucket Brigade Device
BBUL Bumpless Build-UP Layer
BGA Ball Grid Array
Bi-CMOS Bipolar-Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
Bi-FET Bipolar-FET
BJT Bipolar Junction Transistor
BLM Ball Limiting Metal
BOX Buried Oxide
BQFP Bumpered Quad Flat Pack


Abbreviation Meaning
C-4 Controlled Collapse Chip Connection
CBA Cell Based Array
CCD Charge Coupled Device
CC-NUMA Cache Coherent Non-Uniform Memory Access
CF Compact Flash
CHMOS Complementary High-Performance Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CID Charge Injection Device
CLB Configurable Logic Block
CLCC Ceramic Leaded Chip Carrier
CMD Charge Modulation Device
CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CMR Colossal Magnetoresistance
COB Chip On Board
COF Chip On Film
COT Customer Owned Tooling
CPGA Ceramic Pin Grid Array
CPLD Complex Programmable Logic Device
CSD Charge Swap Device
CSNC Compossible Synapse Weight Newton Calculation
CSP Chip Scale Package
CZP Circular Zone Plate
DCFL Direct Coupled FET Logic
DDR Double Data Rate
DFP Dual Flat Package
DHBT Double Heterostructure Bipolar Transistor
DIMM Dual In-Line Memory Module
DINOR Divided Bit-Line NOR
DIP Dual In-Line Package
DLP Digital Light Processing
DMD Digital Micromirror Device
DMOS Double Diffusion Metal Oxide Semiconductor
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory
DTCP Digital Transmission Content Protection


Abbreviation Meaning
EBDW Electron-Beam Direct Write
ECL Emitter Coupled Logic
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
ESBGA Enhanced Super Ball-Grid Array
EPL Electron-Projection Lithography
EPLD Erasable Problem Logic Device
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
FACT Fairchild Advanced CMOS Technology
FAST Fairchild Advanced Schottky TTL
FBGA Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array
FCBGA Flip Chip Ball Grid Array
FCRAM Fast Cycle Random Access Memory
FeRAM Ferro-Electric Random Access Memory
FET Field Effect Transistor
FFS Flash File System
FGA Fixed Gain Amplifier
FIFO First-In First-Out
FLGA Fine Pitch Land Grid Array
FLP Flat Lead Package
FP Flat Package
FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array
FPIC Field Programmable Interconnect Component/Chip/Circuit
FPM Fast Page Mode
FQFP Fine Pitch Quad Flat Package
FRAM Ferroelectrics Random Access Memory
FTL Flash Translation Layer


Abbreviation Meaning
GQFP Guard-ring Quad Flat Pack
GRAM Graphics Random Access Memory
GSI Giant Scale Integration
GTL Gunning Transceiver Logic
GTO Gate Turn-Off Thyristor
HAD Hole-Accumulation Diode
HBT Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor
HCMOS High- Density Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
HEL High Energy Laser
HEMT High Electron Mobility Transistor
HJFET Heterojunction FET
HPL High Power Laser
HSOP High-Power Small-Outline Package
HSQ Hydrogen-Silsesquioxane
HSTL High Speed Transistor Logic
HTC High Transmission Cellular
HTS High-Temperature Superconductor


Abbreviation Meaning
I2L Integrated Injection Logic
IC Integrated Circuit
IDT Inter Digital Transducer
IGBT Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
IGT Insulated Gate Transistor
IMIC I/O Interface Model for Integrated Circuits
ISB Integrated System in Board
JFET Junction Field-Effect Transistor
JLCC J-Leaded Ceramic Chip Carrier


Abbreviation Meaning
KGD Known Good Die
LCA Logic Cell Array
LCC Leadless Chip Carrier
LD Laser Diode
LDD Lightly Doped Drain
LDMOS Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor
LED Light Emitting Diode
LFLGA Low Profile Fine Pitch Land Grid Array Package
LFSR Linear Feedback Shift Register
LGA Land Grid Array
LOC Lead On Chip
LOCOS Local Oxidation of Silicon
LQFP Low Profile Quad Flat Package
LSI Large Scale Integrated/ Low Scale Integrated Circuit
LSTTL Low Power Schottky Transistor Transistors Logic
LVCMOS Low Voltage Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
LV-ECL Low Voltage-Emitter Coupled Logic
LVTTL Low Voltage Transistor Transtistor Logic


Abbreviation Meaning
MAJC Microprocessor Architecture for Java Computing
MC-FBGA Multi Chip Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array
MCM Multi-Chip Module
MCP Multi-Chip Package
MES FET Metal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MFP Mini Flat Package
MIS Metal Insulator Semiconductor
MLC Multi-Level Cell
MMC MultiMediaCard
MMCP Micro Multi-Chip Package
MMIC Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit
MNOS Metal Nitride Oxide Semiconductor
MONOS Metal Oxide Nitride Oxide Semiconductor
MOS Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MOSFET Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MQFP Metric Quad Flat Package
MQUAD Metal Quad Flat Pack
MRAM Magnetic Random Access Memory
MSI Medium Scale Integrated
MSOP Mini Small Outline Package
MSP Mini Square Package
MSQ Methylated-Hydrogen Silsesquoxane
MTCMOS Multi-Threshold CMOS
NMOS Negative-Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
NROM Nitrided Read Only Memory
NTL Non-Threshold Logic
NtRAM No Turnaround RAM
NVRAM Non Volatile Random Access Memory


Abbreviation Meaning
OAL Over all Length
ODP Open Directory Project
OEIC Opto-Electronic Integrated Circuit
OLA Open Library Architecture
OLED Organic Light-emitting Diode
OLGA Organic Land Grid Array
OMPAC Over Molded Pad Array Carrier
OPamp Operational Amplifier
OPC Organic Photo Conductor
OTP One Time Programmable
OTPROM One Time Programmable Read-Only Memory
OUM Ovonic Unified Memory
PAL Programmable Array Logic
PBGA Plastic Ball Grid Array
PC Programmable Controller
PDIP Plastic Dual-Inline Package
PECL Positive Emitter Coupled Logic
PECVD Plasma-Enhanced Chemical-Vapor Deposition
PGA Pin Grid Array
PLA Programmable Logic Array
PLCC Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier
PLCC Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier
PLD Programmable Logic Device
pMOS Positive Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
PQFP Plastic Quad Flat Package
PROM Programmable Read Only Memory
PSGA Polymer Stud Grid Array


Abbreviation Meaning
QDR Quad Data Rate
QFH Quad Flat High Package
QFI Quad Flat I-Leaded Package
QFJ Quad Flat J-Leaded Package
QFN Quad Flat No Leads Package
QFP Quad Flat Package
QSOP Quarter Small-Outline Package
QTCP Quad Tape Carrier Package
QTP Quik Test Professional
QUIP Quad In-Line Package
RAM Random Access Memory
RAMDAC Random Peptide Phage Display Library
RCLED Resonant Cavity Light Emitting Diode
RET Resolution Enhancement Technology
RLDRAM Reduced Latency DRAM
ROM Read Only Memory
RPPDL Regenerative Push-Pull Differential Logic
RRAM Resistive Random Access Memory
RTD Resonant-Tunneling Diode
R-UIM Removable-User Identity Module


Abbreviation Meaning
SBB Stud Bump Bonding
SBGA Super Ball-Grid Array
SCFL Source Coupled FET Logic
SCR Silicon Controlled Rectifier
SDA Secure Digital Association
SDIP Shrink Dual In-Line Package
SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SGRAM Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory
SHBT Single Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors
SHP Surface Horizontal Package
SIL Single In-Line
SIMM Single In-Line Memory Module
SIP Single In-Line Package
SIP System In a Package
SIT Static Induction Transistor
SLDRAM SyncLink Dynamic Random Access Memory
SLSI Super Large Scale Integration
SLT Solid Logic Technology
S-MCP Stacked Multi Chip Package
SMILE Spherical Micro Integrated Lenses
SMP Symmetric Multiprocessor
SMT Simultaneous Multithreading
SNB Small Outline Non-Leaded Board Package
SO Small Out-Line
SOC System On a Chip
SO-DIMM Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module
SOI Silicon On Insulator
SOIC Small Outline Integrated Circuit
SOJ Small Outline J-Lead
SON Small Outline No-Lead (Package)
SOP Small Outline Package
SOS Silicon-On-Sapphire
SOT Small Outline Transistor
SQFP Shrink Quad Flat Package
SRAM Static Random Access Memory
SRF Stream Register File
SSD Solid State Drive
SSI Small Scale Of Integration
SSIP Shrink Single In-Line Package
SSOP Shrink Small Out-Line Package
SSTL Stub Series Terminated Logic
STI Shallow Trench Isolation
STTL Schottky Transistor Transistor Logic
SVP Surface Vertical Package
SZIP Shrink Zig-Zag In-Line Package
TAB Tape-Automated Bonding
TBGA Tape Ball Grid Array
TCP Tape Carrier Package
TFD Thin Film Diode
T-LVTTL Terminated Low Voltage Transistor Transistor Logic
TPQFP Test Pad Quad Flat Pack
TQFP Thin Quad Flat Package
TSOC Thin Small-Outline C-lead
TSOP Thin Small Out-Line Package
TSSOP Thin Shrink Small Out-Line Package
TTL Transistor-Transistor-Logic


Abbreviation Meaning
UCSP Ultra Chip Scale Package
ULSI Ultra Large Scale Integration
USIC User Specific Integrated Circuit
UTSOP Ultra Thin Small Outline Package
VCM Virtual Channel Memory
VCSEL Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser
VCX Virtual Component Exchange
VDIP Vertical Dual In-Line Package
VFBGA Very-Thin Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array
VHSIC Very High Speed Integrated Circuit
VLSI Very Large Scale Integrated
VMOS Vertical Metal Oxide Semiconductor
VQFP Very Small Quad Flat Package
VRAM Video Random Access Memory
VRM Variable Regulator Module
VSMP Virtual Symmetric Multiprocessing
VSOP Very Small Out-Line Package
VSRAM Virtually-Static Random Access Memory
VTCMOS Variable Threshold Voltage CMOS


Abbreviation Meaning
WLCSP Wafer-Level Chip-Scale Package


Abbreviation Meaning
ZBT Zero Bus Turnaround
ZIF Zero Insertion Force
ZIP Zigzag In-Line Package