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这是最好的方案,将您的剩余库 存与市场联系起来! ComS.I.T. 的寄售方 案,能成功地将剩余库存与市场 联系起来。透过我们为您销售剩 余库存,您可以在极小甚至无投 入的情况下,获得最大的现金回 报。我们完善的全球分销网络, 能帮助您实现这个目标。

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The ComS.I.T. Consignment Program

The ComS.I.T. Consignment Program is the most successful way to market your excess stock. With minimum effort, you generate maximum revenues from your stocks.
In the process, you make use of the established and globally operating ComS.I.T. logistics concept. We take over your excess stock as commission goods and sell them profitably on the global market. You have to do virtually nothing yourself.

Consignment agreement

ComS.I.T. advises you about the arrangement of your consignment in a comprehensive manner from the onset. From our marketing professionals, you will receive an individual and perfect solution tailored to your requirements. The result and all processes are recorded and documented in your personal consignment agreement.

Market analysis and sales potential

After incoming inspection, our marketing and sales specialists analyze the sales potential of your products. In conjunction with our more than 25 years of market experience, we draw on professional databases, important market data, current requirements and price analyses.
We then integrate your products into our globally operating sales network.

Sales results up to date and in real time

You can monitor the current status of your consignment goods at any time through a secure page on our ComS.I.T. website. You can track the actual status of your goods around the clock:
all sales are displayed there with all the relevant data in real time. You can see when there is a transaction in your consignment stock immediately.


At the end of each contractual period (for instance per quarter), you will receive from ComS.I.T. a detailed list and statement for all sales and revenues generated up to then from your consignment stock.

Your benefits as a ComS.I.T. consignment partner:

  • You remain the owner of your goods and utilize the worldwide connections of ComS.I.T. to market and sell the products!
  • ComS.I.T. sells your goods via its global sales network and state-of-the-art sales channels on the international market!
  • Your goods are also profitably marketed individually. You do not have to wait for bids on the entire lot of material; we can market and sell your individual items for you!
  • You free up your warehouse space from dormant, unproductive goods! You save administration, warehouse and logistics costs.