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Die ComS.I.T. Distribution GmbH ist ab sofort in Zolling unter Tel. +49-(0)8167-958-250 zu erreichen

Data protection guarantee

ComS.I.T. AG, Hartshausen 8, 85406 Zolling distributes electronic components through its Online Shop on the website The elicitation, processing and use of customer information is carried out according to the requirements of the German Data Protection Act. The elicited information will only be processed and used by ComS.I.T. AG and its trade and service partners as and when this is necessary for the execution of agreed business transactions and any ensuing customer services and only as permitted by law.
Storing your data and data security

All personal customer information will be transmitted in encoded form by ComS.I.T. AG and stored and processed on secure servers. These servers are protected by firewalls and modern anti-virus software, in order to prevent unauthorized access, alterations or other misuse of the data. Your order information will be sent to our servers via a SSL encoded line.
How does ComS.I.T. AG use your information in the ordering process?

When you place an order at our Online Shop or request any other service we need your address, delivery details and information about your chosen method of payment. This information is only used by ComS.I.T. AG for the proper processing of your commission. It can sometimes be necessary to pass your information on to trade and service partners of ComS.I.T. AG, e.g. a transport company for the delivery of your order. Any transfer of information to third parties is strictly forbidden.
How does ComS.I.T. AG use your information for a better service?

Your information is stored on our in-house secure servers. With your customer number you can easily access follow-up services at a later date e.g. order tracking, complaints procedure or follow-up orders.

ComS.I.T. AG analyses online statistics from its Online Shop at regular intervals, in order to evaluate and improve its own processes. The results of these evaluations never include concrete customer information but are legitimate anonymous summaries of the activities on our Internet sites. In accordance with data protection laws this anonymous data can be passed on to third parties e.g. for the purposes of demonstrating commercial activity.

If you would like more details and information about data protection please do not hesitate to contact us.

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