ComS.I.T. Inc USA has moved. The new address:
11 River Street, Suite 3, Middleton, MA, 01949, USA, Phone: +1 (978) 539 8600, Fax: +1 (978) 304 1080
Die ComS.I.T. Distribution GmbH ist ab sofort in Zolling unter Tel. +49-(0)8167-958-250 zu erreichen


ComS.I.T. AG

ComS.I.T has been a dependable partner for its customers for over 25 years.

When it comes to professional global procurement and supply chain management services, from every major manufacturer, we are the intelligent choice.

Our dedication to specialized procurement, service and sales solutions, combined with a worldwide network of ComS.I.T. subsidiaries in Europe, USA, Hong Kong, China, India and Africa, has made ComS.I.T. Europe's leading distributor and service provider in the industry.
ComS.I.T. operates according to the highest standards of quality; all sales and logistics processes are certified to ISO9001 and 14001.

Our customers include major international equipment manufacturers (OEM) and contract electronics manufacturers (CEM), from a wide range of industries; such as consumer products, automotive and telecommunications.
We also service trading companies, brokers, authorized distributors and manufacturers directly.

Our customers value us as a reliable provider of quality components, on time, every time.

With the same commitment, however, we also handle the profitable marketing of excess stocks and discontinued products as a purchase, broker or consignment.


Our customers have precise requirements with regard to quality, performance, goods availability and logistics.

In our central warehouse in Zolling near Munich, we have more than 75,000 different product lines in stock at all times. Our product offerings range from leading edge technology to discontinued components that are difficult to procure. Our customers can access directly some 500 million components, including online via:

This instant access to our inventory, combined with a warehouse and logistics system which exceeds current industry standards, guarantee short delivery times and rapid response time for our customers. We work with our own fleet of vehicles and cooperate with all important international parcel services, forwarding agents and transport companies. The proximity to Munich Airport ensures very fast delivery, including overnight, to virtually every international destination.

Our warehouse is managed according to strict quality guidelines. We offer our customers components that are as good as new and in their original packaging with guaranteed quality according to modern quality management criteria and a certified flexible handling and testing process. In the process, we attach great importance to maximum safety in the testing and storage of incoming goods.

We subject every product to a comprehensive inspection on receipt, document the results optically and electronically down to the original brand label and can seamlessly document the origin and route taken by every component. Storage in an ESD compliant environment is a matter of course at our company, as is the careful handling of highly sensitive goods.

Excess stocks of our customers are also in the right hands at our company:
In our own segregated consignment warehouse, the goods of our customers are stored and protected according to state-of-the-art quality guidelines. Our sales team deals with the profitable marketing of consignment products.

At ComS.I.T. the marketing is global and around the clock, 24 hours per day. While our customers sleep, our sales teams on every continent and every time zone deal with the immediate sale.

Global procurement and marketing of components

ComS.I.T. is specialized in the procurement and sales of electronic components on the global market.
If we do not have a required component in stock, our Procurement Group will support you in the prompt and reliable procurement of the desired products and quantities.

ComS.I.T. Excess Group
OEM/CEM Excess Program (Marketing)

The benefits of our global network are also very important for our customers for the prompt, reliable and rapid marketing of their excess stocks. In the marketing too, ComS.I.T. does not limit itself to regional and national markets in the sale of your components but also adopts an international approach right from the start.

ComS.I.T. offers you successful alternative marketing, logistics and service concepts for this. You can take advantage of the proven benefits of our tried-and-tested consignment program. However, you can also decide that your stocks should remain in your own warehouse. Our OEM/CEM Excess Group will then ensure the successful global marketing of your goods with intelligent logistics and sales concepts.
Whether you leave the marketing of your stock to us exclusively or not, with ComS.I.T. you are always on the safe side.

ComS.I.T. Procurement Group
Global sourcing (procurement)

ComS.I.T. maintains a global sales and procurement network with subsidiaries, cooperation partners and representatives at various sites, including in Europe, the US and Asia. Our partners are connected with one another in real time, meaning that all important information is available world-wide immediately.

This global networking is of great importance for the specific procurement and marketing of components. If you are looking for a discontinued or hard to find component, ComS.I.T. will search globally for your requirement.
Our procurement group will attend to your requirements reliably and quickly in the essential markets in Europe, the US and Asia simultaneously.