ComS.I.T. Inc USA has moved. The new address:
11 River Street, Suite 3, Middleton, MA, 01949, USA, Phone: +1 (978) 539 8600, Fax: +1 (978) 304 1080
Die ComS.I.T. Distribution GmbH ist ab sofort in Zolling unter Tel. +49-(0)8167-958-250 zu erreichen

March 2012 WBE Company's in the USA  
ComS.I.T. AG

ComS.I.T. INC is now partnered with a WBE company:

PSI Logo

ComS.I.T, Inc. is proud to announce our WBENC (Woman Owned Business Enterprise ) partnership with ”Pneumatics Specialties, Inc.”!

Giving back to the community and enabling minority companies to grow and prosper in this competitive environment is of utmost importance, at the same time helping our customers to meet their minority diversity goals.

Please contact our USA Supplier Diversity Leader Mr. Copeland at: +1-978-539-8600

Download the WBENC (Women's Business Enterprise National Council) Certificate of PSI here.

February 2012: China Electronics Fair (CEF) 2012  
ComS.I.T. ASIA Ltd., Hong Kong

ComS.I.T. will again participate at the China Electronics Fair this year.

We would be pleased to welcome you as our guest.
Please visit ComS.I.T. ASIA Ltd, Hongkong,
10th April - 12th April 2012,
Booth No: 1A11B.

79th China Electronics Fair

September 2011: Electronica India 2011  
ComS.I.T. AG, India

This year will be held Electronica India for the first time in New Delhi.
ComS.I.T is, just like last year in Bangalore, to be represented with a booth.

Visit us from 13 September 2011 - 16 September 2011 in the:

Hall 12 - Booth 2509 - We look forward to it!

Electronica India 2011: New Delhi

May 2011 Earthquake in Japan - Effects on the supply chain:  
ComS.I.T. AG, Zolling

In Japan, took place on 11th of March 2011 an earthquake with the strength of 9.0.

As we encounter, when buying goods, as a "middleman" and the products supplied by us are governed by the constraints of our suppliers, we can unfortunately not make a general statement about the availability of Japanese products. Of course we will use our distribution network according to procure the required goods.

At present the following manufacturers - which are not necessarily Japanese - most affected:

Renesas, Murata, Hirose, Nippon Chemicon, Nichicon, Fujitsu, Freescale, Toshiba, Mitsubishi

Radioactive contamination:
The duty of import control is the responsibility of the federal police and customs.
According to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection following actions were taken:

  • Exists a reasonable suspicion that the goods are contaminated after importing, various national measurement points will help testing the goods as well with the radiological assessment, said the Federal Office for Radiation Protection.
  • In the case of a contamination and therefore an increased exposure, the import will be denied.

January 2011: China Electronics Fair 2011  
ComS.I.T. ASIA Ltd., Hong Kong

ComS.I.T will have a booth at the No. 1 electronics fair in China, China Electronics Fair (CEF), in Shenzhen again this year.

Please visit ComS.I.T. ASIA Ltd, Hongkong,
8th April 2011 - 10th April 2011,
booth No: 1A11B.

77th China Electronics Fair

July 2010: Electronica 2010  
ComS.I.T. AG, Zolling

ComS.I.T. AG will be present at the electronica in Munich this year.

You can visit us at hall A4, booth 238 and get detailed information about our company.

Electronica 2010 - Germany

March 2010: China Electronics Fair (CEF)  
ComS.I.T. ASIA Ltd., Hong Kong

ComS.I.T will have a booth at the No. 1 electronics fair in China (CEF) in Shenzhen again this year.

Please visit ComS.I.T. ASIA Ltd, Hongkong,
9th April 2010 - 11th April 2010,
booth No: 1A11B.

Cooperation with AMEC Switzerland  
ComS.I.T. AG, Zolling

ComS.I.T. AG has established a cooperation with AMEC in Switzerland.

Besides its core competence, providing services to Swiss customers, AMEC is positioned as a direct link between the European and Asian market for microelectronics.

ComS.I.T. cooperates with the Swiss AMEC branch in the areas logistics and distribution. Additionally, AMEC carries the franchise lines viewable in this document.

ComS.I.T. AG and its branches look forward to the cooperation with AMEC Switzerland!

North Africa: New branch office being established  
ComS.I.T. Tunisia, Tunis

ComS.I.T. has founded a Joint Venture with TTR (Tunisienne de Transport Routier), a company of the Ben Aissa Group and leading logistics service provider in Tunisia and on the North African market. With a close cooperation in the areas distribution and logistics we will expand our activities on the North African market even further.

The foundation of a new branch office in Tunisia, ComS.l.T. Tunisia, is planned in the current year.

ComS.I.T. at the China Electronics Fair  
ComS.I.T. ASIA Ltd., Hong Kong

China Electronics Fair (CEF) - No. 1 electronics fair in China

With its debut in 1964, CEF is an authoritative electronics fair in China showing leading electronics technology, promoting China’s electronics industry innovation and growing up with it.

Visit ComS.I.T. at the CEF at booth 1A11B in hall 1!

New management and new facilities since July 2008
ComS.I.T. Inc, Florida, USA

ComS.I.T. Inc, the North American Headquarters of ComS.I.T. Global, has recently moved into a new and larger facility in Largo, Florida. This move will provide the warehousing space needed for many of the Inventory management programs offered by ComS.I.T. including consignment and scheduled delivieries to name a few. Our trained quality personnel will have at their disposal, the equipment and logistics necessary to meet the requirements of our American customers.

In addition, the management of the U.S. operations has been assumed by Mr. Joseph T. Jareck, former V.P. and General Manager of Classic Components, for over 20 years and their European operations for over a decade. As an American resident, he will now expedite the development of ComS.I.T. N.A. (north america) with the hiring and expansion of its Sales, Purchasing, and QC personnel.

ComS.I.T. Inc. will have its set focus exclusively on the sales and distribution of electronic components to both the manufacturing (OEM) and services (EMS) communities in North and South America, while still providing real time sales and services to North American distribution company’s. Additionally, investments have been made to extend consignment services for business partners in that region. European Headquarters, located outside of Munich, Germany continues to support the U.S. branch by providing its global inventory control system and administrative divisions.

ComS.I.T. thus stays on course for continued expansion, including the recent creation of ComS.I.T. Distribution GmbH, a sales and procurement team of experts, during the summer of 2008 in Krefeld, Germany.

New on the Market from 1 May 2008  
ComS.I.T. Distribution GmbH

By separating the General Management and the Regional Management Europe of CLASSIC a new company has been established:

ComS.I.T. Distribution GmbH with its seat in 47829 Krefeld - Niederstrasse 56.

ComS.I.T. AG in Zolling near Freising is the majority shareholder of this company and gave it its name.

On 1 May 2008, former employees of the distribution and purchase divisions of CLASSIC in Germany, Austria and France are going to start the business of ComS.I.T. Distribution GmbH under the former General and Regional Management Europe at its new site in Krefeld. ComS.I.T. Distribution GmbH has moved into its office in Diebers Hof, one of the oldest farmhouses in the Rhineland area, dating of around 1550. The unique building was extensively renovated whilst preserving the original timber framework and is now being used for the first time for business purposes by ComS.I.T. Distribution GmbH.

ComS.I.T. Distribution GmbH will set its focus exclusively on the distribution of electronic components. To this end, ComS.I.T. AG in Zolling will provide the new company with its whole inventory control system and warehouse, including all other administrative divisions and two members of the management.

ComS.I.T. thus definitively stays on course for expansion. This also includes the impending construction of a new consignment hall at the main seat of ComS.I.T. AG in Zolling and the move of ComS.I.T. Inc. in Largo, Florida, to new larger premises with its own consignment hall for its business partners in that region.